After one very bad argument with my wife which led to a temporary separation I realised I had an anger problem which needed dealing with. I was recommended to John by a friend and, after four appointments, the problem has been solved - hopefully for good. What I thought was an anger problem turned out to be something else - poor communication on my part, as well as my wife's. John taught me how to speak clearly when irritating problems came up, instead of ignoring things and letting the anger build up until it turned into rage. My wife also came to see John for two sessions and we now have a much better relationship. We also really enjoyed the sessions with John. In fact, during most of my sessions with him I was constantly laughing - he really does have a great sense of humour! Mr TL Surrey


Hi John. Just to say I have finally stopped using heroin after our sessions together. As you know I succeeded in getting my intake down from 140mg to 30mg over the past few years but just needed a little extra help and a few  pushes from you to give it up for good. Your addictions 'grid' is excellent and I keep it by me every day. That helps me notice when I am stressed and to keep a sharp look out for the triggers and the danger-zones to avoid in order to stay clean. I will be moving to the USA next September and I am so relieved that I can start a new life without this curse hanging over me. All the best.  Mr AW  London


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Brain Research

Personal change technology is rapidly evolving and what works today will most likely be superseded by something better in a few years time. My work today bears little relation to the work I was doing in 1989 when I started out. That's because we now have tools like MRI Scans which show us exactly what is going on in the brain and in the rest of the body when human beings process a problem or develop a solution.

  1. The difference in thinking styles between the left and right pre-frontal lobes
  2. The Limbic system's production of emotions and related cellular memories
  3. The role of the Amygdala and the Reticular Activating System in creating anxiety
  4. Dopamine release in the brain's 'reward centres' and motivation
  5. The Autonomic Nervous System and the creation of positive and negative states
  6. Endorphin release and the part that plays in driving change
  7. How the Heart brain can accelerate calm, tranquil, relaxed states

I incorporate new discoveries about the brain and associated technologies into my work as soon as I hear about them and offer state-of-the-art personal change.



photo credit: Institut Douglas via photopin cc